This page contains questions mostly have been asked for with the answers and some additional explanations.

Question 1: What was the black oily liquid sticking on the patch after tearing down from the foot?
Question 2: Can women use the foot patch during their menstrual period?
Question 3: How long should you put the patch on your foot?
Question 4: What is the difference between Korean & Japanese foot patch and Lanna Foot Patch out there on the market?
Question 5: Can Lanna Foot Patch be used on any other part of your body besides your foot?
Question 6: Why do some people can get fast result in one day where some of them still can’t see the result even after one week?
Question 7: I found some rashes appear on my skin after using Lanna Foot Patch, was it my skin sensitivity problem or because I used the fake product?

References : Lanna Malaysia Branch ( http://www.lanna.my/qa )