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Have you ever been tired from a rough day? Has hard-working ever given you the fatigues your feet would scream if only they could? Trouble sleeping at late night? In these cases, we are strongly recommending you that “Lanna Foot Patch” is your BEST SOLUTION!! Lanna Foot Patch contains many extremely selected ingredients from natural herbal sources, meticulously crafted by putting the mindset of wishing for our consumers to have a better health. By the properties of blood circulation system stimulation, regulating body balance, expulsion of body toxin, stress relieving, foot skin’s softening, what more could you ask for!!


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Announcement of Changes in Packaging, Manufacturer, Distributor and Registration No.

Lanna International Group Co., Ltd. Has changed a packaging, manufacturer, distributor and registration number of Lanna Foot Patch.

Please be noted that products with an old packaging are still being sold by Lanna International Group Co., Ltd.

With that, Lanna International Group Co., Ltd. Issues this letter to inform the changes in packaging, manufacturer, distributor and registration number of Lanna Foot Patch to create an understanding and confidence in Lanna Foot Patch going forward.

Every day, life is a rush hour. While everybody’s living their lives busily, and they realized they might have forgot to take care of their own health which busy schedules prevent them from doing so. Then why wasting times on massaging spa & many more while you could have done them all by yourself AT HOME? By putting our marvelously LANNA FOOT PATCH on your feet regularly, and see the differences for yourself! Still not enough time? Try placing our foot patch before sleeping! Resting for 6-8 hours commonly is long enough to give your body a great lift!

Let Lanna Foot Patch Helps You

Soaking your feet in warm water only for 15 minutes, and your whole body will become lively again. But if you want to have a good health consistently, try using our Lanna Foot Patch continually before sleeping.

Herbal Formula Foot Patch

Lanna Foot Patch : the herbal foot patch for the better health. Helps stimulating blood circulating system. Per using for the better result is recommended.

For The One You Care For

The top-tier product for every one in your family. Consists of many natural source herbs which give many positive effects to your feet’s health.


Because you should consume THE REAL product when  your health is REAL

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